Society, more specifically the United States, I find is very close minded and not open to much being different. I have heard that outside the United States – people are more accepting of being different and some countries actively promote differences. Here in the United States, a close minded society combined with traditional thinking in mainly the older generations makes being different a challenge.

I have never been one to judge anyone else for their differences or quirks because I feel like that is what makes life so different and unique. We all have our own unique things about one another and whether that is quirky, weird, different, or whatever – that is what makes you!

Obviously, living in diapers is outside the norm for society and I can understand that to some extent. But, what really gets me is when people are so close minded that they don’t want to take the couple minutes to think, learn or understand those differences. They want to judge based on preconceived notions of what society deems normal.

I believe the key to unlocking that openness in a person to trying to understand someone else’s differences is in the approach. You want to minimize the shock factor to people and approach a person whether it is about diapers or something else in a non-threatening way. I am sure many people when they first hear it think it could be a joke. Which, if that is how they want to reconcile it in their mind and leads to a more lighthearted talk about the subject than that is a good thing. It is a bad thing when you do not ease them into the new idea but rather throw a bunch of “new” information and ideas at them and expect them not to react in a “shocked” way. You have to ease society into new ideas, especially the traditional society that is the United States.

With my need for wearing diapers stemming from a medical issue it makes it easier on some level to explain to people. And, in all honesty if people in the society are going to be so judgmental than I support telling a small lie to decrease the shock factor and allow people to be more accepting of an issue. I have always had a problem with people that jump to conclusions so quickly because I am such a non-judgmental person. It is just annoying to me people cannot see the differences that make us all unique.

I want to give specific tips on how I would approach close minded societies about wearing diapers but honestly each one would probably be its own post because of how long it would take to write about it and explain it. Bottom line, close minded societies hinder the ability for differences and creativity to be expressed. People want to live in their safe “orb” and not realize that what they do is probably bizarre and different on massive scales to other people but to them they think it is normal. It is in my opinion, Hypocrisy.