I had a wonderful night with my sweetheart! We went out to bike riding when we both got off work and then he took me out to dinner! It was great! We came back and watched a bunch of shows that we had DVR’d over the past few weeks and haven’t had a moment to watch them! But there is nothing better than sitting on the couch in my diaper with Peter and just relaxing after a long day! and on top of that..Tomorrow is Thursday!! 😀

I had another reader question and I want to say that I’m really sorry it took me so long to respond! anyways the question was do I just wait around in a messy diaper for Peter to change me and do I worry about the odor sticking in my skin. I usually do wait for Peter to change me unless he is not around and in that case I will do it myself. We have found that if wee keep up with checking each other we fan catch it pretty much soon after the mess happens then it is much easier to clean! When I have to wait in it a while we usually clean ourselves really good with wipes and then put powder and sometimes oil, but I have never really worried about the smell sticking because It always seems to get better once I clean myself up!

Well hope that answers the question…Goodnight Loves!!.