Wearing diapers has always come fairly natural to me so wearing in public was never some huge deal.  But, for many people in the adult baby and diaper lover community.  It is a huge deal and a big step to being more comfortable with yourself.

Most people tend to think when they wear diapers in public that everyone can notice or see.  This is probably 5% of the time unless of course that is what you are going for and are wearing something super revealing or a super thick diaper.  But, for the most part the diapers are fairly well concealed under your clothing…trust me, I have been doing it for years and there has probably been only a handful of times where someone could really notice I was wearing a diaper.

Be confident in yourself first off! If this is something you truly want to embrace and do then just do it! Like the Nike commercials use to say.  Just do it and start slow.  Wear baggy clothing where nobody would ever notice for sure.  Baby steps! Wear baggy clothing over your diaper maybe when you go to the store.  Then, when you realize its really not as big of a deal as you make it out to be then try different clothing or wearing longer or different places.

Realize that most people who would notice that you have a diaper on would not associate you with the ABDL community.  They would most likely assume that you have a health condition and that wearing diapers is for need.  The public perception of the ABDL community is really not that much.  Especially, if you don’t flaunt it and act like an idiot about it…just act like its no big deal.  Now, if you are wearing baby clothes, suspenders, etc and have some huge bulky diaper on – your gonna get some looks and most people probably would not associate that with a health condition…maybe a mental health condition?

Public diaper wearing has always been a big mystique for those that diaper wearing is not very often or are very private.  For those of you that want to take that leap into being able to wear diapers more often and out in public spaces.  Just start slow…there is no rush.  Wear late at night when not many people are around in stores…wear baggy clothing…wear a thinner diaper than you would at home.  You will come to realize that it is not a big deal and before long you will be wearing thicker diapers like Bambino Diapers or Abena under normal jeans and realize that it really doesn’t create that noticeable of an effect…unless of course you are wearing SUPER skinny jeans.  Again, be confident in yourself and take small steps to embracing this part of you as you are not hurting anybody…so take comfort in knowing you are doing nothing wrong by wearing diapers in public..