Hello my diaper loves 🙂 Just thought I’d tell you a bit about my night tonight. Went out with some of the girls from work after we got done for some drinks because wow was this a crazy day! It was just one of those days where NOTHING seemed to go my way no matter how hard i tried! Anyways we went to a bar not far from where we work just to get a few drinks. Well I hadn’t changed my diaper at all all day! Honestly, I had just forgotten and well I didn’t even remember that it was wet! It was fine for a while but as I was sitting there talking I started to feel something dripping down my leg!! uh oh!! I had leaked all down my leg and had no way of changing myself! We stayed there for only about another 20 minutes and then decided to call it quits! One of my girlfriends told me that I must have sat in something wet 🙂 little did she know that I had leaked all down my leg and down the back of my skirt! haha oh well now I am back and all clean 🙂 Fresh and ready for a good night sleep!.