Wow.. I just had an interesting experience that was a lot of work for Peter! haha We had been sitting around tonight and I realized I hadn’t really messed in a few days! So we went into the medicine cabinet and found some old laxatives.. I thought well hey If I only take a few then maybe it will be okay! I was fine for a little while because Peter and I had started a movie! About 20 minutes into the movie my stomach started hurting a lot and before I knew it I had the messiest diaper I have ever had! Peter is so good about changing my diapers but even he said it was really really stinky! 🙁 haha so next time I will try to find something easier on my stomach so I am not hurting as bad!

Does anyone know of anything more gentle on your stomach? I just want something to make things regular not necessarily empty my entire stomach out 🙂 haha.