Wearing a diaper in public can truly be a terrifying and stressful situation at first.  I know because I was forced to get used to it from a young age.  Let me tell you that there are certain tricks that I have learned to tell myself that have really simplified the habituation process of getting use to wearing a diaper in public.  Overcoming that fear and stress of the various things you worry about which may range from everything of “I might get caught” to “what if I wet or mess my diaper and someone notices”.  These things can all be dealt with as long as you sit back and think about the possible situations, prepare yourself for them and mentally handle yourself appropriately.  Here are my keys mentally with wearing a diaper in public:

  1. Be Confident: You have to be confident when it comes to wearing a diaper in public.  If you give off signs that you are uncomfortable or doing something ‘strange’ then others pick up on that.  If you are wearing a diaper and carry yourself like its nothing and just normal than others will pick up on that as well.  People will most likely associate it with a medical condition and it will completely be looked over and not a big deal.
  2. You Will Never See Them Again: This is a trick that has helped me out immensely.  Ok, so someone happens to spot you wearing a diaper…honestly, what is the likelihood of you ever meeting or seeing that person again?  So, what is the worry?  You have no relation to them, no ties or anything of that regard so what is the big deal?  I recognize that to an extent if you are truly trying to hide it from a certain person (aka: parent) then use common sense in regards to wearing a diaper and what not.
  3. Be Prepared with Supplies: Being prepared and having all your supplies ready for if something were to happen while wearing your diaper out in public will really help you better relax.  For example, if you poop your diaper in public then you want to make sure you have an extra diaper, baby powder, plenty of wipes, and just in case a extra set of clothes in case the smell gets into your clothes for some reason.  This can all be mitigated by wearing plastic pants which really helps cut down on the smell of a poopy diaper.  But, being prepared with supplies is key.
  4. Have a Plan: Formulating a plan before going out in your head will make you not only more comforted but also more confident.  If you poop your diaper here, or wet your diaper there, or if someone you know comes up to you…these are all important aspects to take into consideration.  But, if you address these situations beforehand and know how to react and what to do then it reduces down a lot on the worries and stresses.

These are some of my keys that I learned from and truly helped me get accommodated with not caring about another person seeing my diaper and what not.  Obviously, it doesn’t come over night but with practice and keeping these keys in mind they can really help you get use to wearing diapers in public not only safely but more comfortably..