Obviously, wearing diapers all day, everyday, one is bound to lose the “specialness” in wearing a diaper and all the joy it can bring.  That is wear new and exciting things come into play to keep things fresh.  It is very important I think to make small changes, add new things, modify things, etc. in your life with regards to diapers to keep things new and refreshing.  Now there are only so many things new you can try with a diaper but here are some of my suggestions for what we do to keep things growing in regards to diapers and exciting:

  1. Take Photos: Taking photos in diapers whether it is with clothes on or off is absolutely essential I think in keeping things fresh.  Its nice to have a photo or even a video record of what you looked like.  Then, you can share the photos with close friends or others.  Or, you can just keep them for yourself to look at or share them with your spouse.
  2. Buy New Clothes: If you can afford it, buying new clothes that will look good while wearing a diaper or good for pictures can spice things up a bit.  For me, in the summer, buying a new mini skirt or workout shorts.  You see the angle I am getting at?
  3. Tweak Diaper Changes: Make some changes in how you go about getting changed whether you change yourself or someone else changes you.  Peter likes to every once in awhile throw a curve ball into where he changes my diaper in our place.  There are so many options: the floor, the bed, couch, etc.
  4. Talk to Others: Conversate with others that wear diapers or make some friends.  This can not only be good for your social life but also keep things new and refreshing in the diaper “realm”.  Obviously, this can prove difficult if you don’t live near anyone that is around your age that you feel comfortable talking with but there is always talking online to people.
  5. Add Things To Your Night Out: So when you wear a diaper out and whether you are by yourself or with someone else.  Add some new things such as maybe your partner or friend will check your diaper while you are out or you can check yourself.  Don’t do anything completely crazy or absurd but minor things that won’t completely creep out the public.  A quick diaper check will at most leave a person curious and probably just assume you have some sort medical condition.  So, add a few tweaks to your night out to spice things up.

There are obviously a lot more things you can do to keep things new and refreshing but these happen to be the main ones that we try to do to make sure diapers never become a “going through the motion” type of experience.  They are a big part of our lives and we want to make the best of it..