A lot of people are wondering what happened to Kay so long ago.  I am sorry I never responded to a lot of you but I did respond to some people.  I try to respond to everyone but as you can imagine I get tons of emails and I just never got around to making a post about it.  Kay as you know is incontinent like me and is into the DL thing a little bit but she just didn’t feel like there was any benefit for her to be blogging and she was not to fond of the attention she got.  Not to say she didn’t appreciate some of it – but there was some attention she said that made her uncomfortable.  That with a combination of that she is not into the AB or DL scene that much – she just decided it wasn’t for her.  Which is definitely understandable.  I told her to try it out and see what she thought and it just wasn’t for her.

She really is a kind person and very down to earth.  She said her and her boyfriend tried to meet a lot of people but most everyone of them either chickened out or just couldn’t relate on a mature level.  She shares a lot of the same ideas that I feel on certain things and it is unfortunate.  A lot of people if you meet them or talk to them, all they can relate to you on or talk to you about is diapers.  Which, yes, diapers are a big part of my life and hers as well but that is not all we are about…she was looking for real friends and people they could get a long with and have fun with doing what typical friends do.  But, she said that most everyone just couldn’t get past that whole diaper thing and it just became awkward.

That is where I find it very important for ABDLs.  Do not lose your social life over it.  Diapers can be a huge part of your life whether your incontinent, AB, DL, ABDL, mommy, daddy, whatever – but don’t let it rule your life.  You have to have other aspects of your life that does not revolve around diapers because in the end once the diaper stuff does fade if you meet someone – you would like to have a good true friend and not just a diaper friend.  At least that is how I look at things and how I base who we attempt to meet offline.  We are very supportive of the ABDL community but we will really only meet people that we have talked to for a while and developed a good friendship online that doesn’t revolve around everything diapers.  Just my suggestion for those out there looking to meet other girls or guys for that matter…your life is not diapers – it may be a big part – but you are a person too!  Don’t forget that 🙂.