I came across this incontinence article that I found interesting that really envelopes the prominence of incontinence in the world: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2009/09/san_francisco_professor_call_y.php

Its a well written article basically discussing incontinence and how people should be more comfortable talking about it with those they are close to whether it is about themselves or about the other person.  The topic should not be so “secretive” basically is what the article is saying.  Which I definitely agree with because incontinence is such a common disorder that why make it an uncomfortable topic that causes stress and adds stress to most people’s lives?  People have enough worries and stress to deal with then having to worry about hiding incontinence from their close ones.  It should be easier to discuss with those that are close to you so they along with you can come up with the best options to suit your needs based on price and need.

I just wanted to share an article with everyone, especially those that are truly incontinent, to just reinforce the popularity in the population that are incontinent and are just like you.  Hope the article helps shed some light on an important issue to many..