The adult baby community in my opinion is comprised of some extremely intelligent people.  I have talked with people that are physicians, lawyers, and yes even government officials.  As a whole I think our community is extremely bright which is a positive and a negative thing in my eyes.  Because a lot of times with intelligence comes caution and with caution comes speculation and with speculation comes well…insanity and paranoia.  That is not to say that our community isn’t also filled with people that probably don’t know how to count to 10…no offense to those people…but it is the sad truth.  But, I think it speaks volumes to our community that some of those most intelligent people in the world engage in this activity.  This isn’t some rogue “fetish” in my opinion and as long as we are on my opinion – I would say that adult baby and diaper lovers are one of the BIGGEST communities in the world whether those people that share that interest want to admit it or not.  There are those that engage in the community which number in the hundreds of thousands around the world if not reaching into the millions with those that are not as open and communicative about it.  This community is larger than most people think.  I am amazed sometimes after scrolling through some of the big boards the intelligence that does radiate through in the adult diaper community – you can hear it in the way people type and articulate there statements.  Usually, which is followed up with a lot of times one of the most idiotic of statements to balance it out.  But, to those out there that are educated and recognize the civil and intelligent people within the community – you do not go unnoticed.  I surely appreciate much of the diaper community that tries to act civilized in their conversations.

I just cannot tell you how proud I am to be part of the adult diaper community.  Yes, there are those that really do bring down this community sometimes but overall I am proud to be part of this community.  In my opinion, we are unique and there is no other community out there like the adult babies and diaper lover community.  You ever get that feeling when you are home alone in maybe just a thick diaper and t-shirt and you walk by the mirror and notice that perfect little “pouch” in the butt of your diaper…you know what I am talking about.  It gives you that real babyish feeling and comforting feeling.  At least for me it does.  And, it just causes a rush of emotions.  It just got me thinking just of how proud I am to be part of this community and how great it is.  Cheesy…I know but its the truth.

There are so many times before I go out with friends that I just get excited about what I am going to wear that night and which diaper I am going to choose…this doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen when I get in those moods.  I cherish those moments.  I guess this is one of those “intelligent” moments I am having where I am trying to articulate somehow what I’m feeling and its not working to well…lol.  Hopefully, some of you catch on to what I am meaning and can make sense of it in your head.  I guess I have sort of strayed from the original title of this article.  But, I was reading over some of the boards lately – just browsing – and you read some idiotic statements and then you read some really calm, intelligent, and concise postings and you wonder who is on the other side of that post because its insightful and intelligent.  I am one who can appreciate those people that manage to maintain such civility in the conversations in the adult baby community because I feel it adds credibility – maybe not so much to outsiders – but to those who can appreciate others acting mature and truly trying to engage in a conversation and make friends and be nice.  There are so many people out there that I feel would be better off if they just tried to act more mature, control their hormones, and act semi-intelligent when they talk and they may just meet some truly nice people and actually make friends.  I am not trying to be mean at all…I just get emails all the time asking what someone can do to meet other people and I am not passing judgment on those in particular people that email me but I know for a fact that some of them have to be these same people posting on these adult baby forums in rude, unintelligible, and narcissistic ways and I just can’t help but think that if they just lightened up a little and acted a tiny bit more mature they may have a chance of making a real connection with someone if that is what they want (maybe that isn’t what they want?).

But, that isn’t to say the intelligent people don’t come without their flaws too.  With intelligence comes that paranoia because they actually CARE who is on the other side of that computer rather than the words on the screen.  So, they are always thinking about who they are truly talking to.  They start questioning every statement, analyzing it, and trying to make offhand judgments based on the words on a screen.  You may think to yourself…well aren’t I judging those adult baby members that talk unintelligible?  No, I don’t judge so much on the words but more than attitudes in those words.  There are some people that don’t exactly type or write very well but you can tell what they really mean and their attitude through what they type…you can see the benevolence in their writings.  But, anyways the intelligent people question everything…as did I along time ago…now I just don’t care.  If you don’t want to prove to me who you are – fine I don’t care.  If you want to lie about who you are to me – that is your free will and I can play along with that if I have time at the moment because it can be entertaining sometimes.  I am not going to get all worked up if someone wants to lie to me about themselves.  I have everything I want in life on the other side of this screen – a loving husband, a home, great parents, great friends, diapers, and more – I don’t feel  the need to judge others and waste my time tracking down who is being honest and who isn’t.  Its unfortunate that goes on in this community but I suppose its a necessity because there are so many people that aren’t truthful about who they are.

Anyways, I know this post is long but its just me trying to articulate things that I think make up a big part of our community and that which makes us so unique.  I will say this – neither group is wrong in my opinion for how they act – they balance the community.  All that I can suggest to the adult baby and diaper lover community that may help us all is to the rude, unintelligible and mean people…maybe try to be a “tiny” bit more mature in your conversations and think about what you say before you blurt it out.  And to those intelligent people out there…maybe just try to tone down the paranoia a bit and enjoy the adult baby and diaper lover community more instead of looking at everyone with a detective eye like someone is out to get you.  Overall, everyone just get along 🙂

I am done rambling for the night and I am sure everyone is probably either like wow that was really well thought out or some of you may be like “wtf” or what in the world just happened…lol all views are understandable.  Just in one of those creative typing moods I guess…now that I think about it – it sort of is that time of the month for me – maybe its the hormones making me a bit extra creative?.