I have been really busy lately with things including with changing and growing I Heart Diapers.  My main goal with I Heart Diapers has always been to provide a unique, honest and interesting perspective through my blog.  I honestly never thought my blog would become this popular.  I know I have not always done a great job blogging and I truly appreciate my readers that have stuck with me through the years.  Hopefully, this change and “upgrade” will be a nice reward.

I am “relaunching” in a sense this blog with NEW everything.  I don’t want to give too much away but the “mission” of the blog/site will be the same in terms of providing a unique and honest perspective that can help ABDLs and others with wearing diapers and other things related to the diaper and incontinence lifestyle.  In addition, the launch will provide new perspectives from others in the community that will be making guest posts to provide more content and opportunity for people to see true perspectives of others and to get “educated” on certain topics.  I think this is important in this community because there are always new members technically discovering they either have incontinence or they are an abdl, ab, dl, etc.  So, I think providing a site that can not only offer a unique perspective but also education on certain topics will be really helpful.  Also, one of my main goals has always been interaction on my site among its readers and myself so that will be a big focal point.  There will be a TON more photos not only from me but also from guest posts and hopefully videos/media too.  Another goal of the site is to keep it “clean” in a way.  I don’t want photos, media, comments, articles to ever be distasteful so another goal is to keep a lot of the content clean and tasteful.

So, I have been working hard on this upgrade and I plan on launching this new site approximately around the first week of the new year.  So, be excited!  I am!  There will be a ton of new things, better look, more interaction, more photos, etc.  I am excited because I have always wanted to change things up some and I am finally coming around and had the opportunity to do it..