Acceptance is an important trait in a person’s arsenal in my opinion.  It can go a long way in helping you live a better life.  In the incontinence and diaper world, acceptance is a familiar term because it is what many of us strive to achieve for ourselves whether it is our own acceptance or accepting other’s differences.

If you ever told someone about your need for wearing diapers or love of wearing diapers or something along those lines and they actually accepted that part of you – Remember That Feeling? Didn’t it make you feel good inside? That for once in your life it was like a weight lifted off your chest that someone accepted something that you know may be a little different about you than what most people consider the “norm”.

Everyone is different in this world in some way – some more than others.  But, that is OK.  It is what makes us all unique and what God instilled in us.  Reread those last few sentences because in the end that is the truth.  Who are any of us to judge another person for being different when each one of us has something that is different than another person.

Diapers are and always will be a major part of my life. It is what it is.  I don’t feel shameful for it nor do I resent them.  Were there times in the beginning that were hard to come to terms with? Sure.  But, those are learning processes that make you a better person in the end.  In return I am a lot more accepting person because I know I do not want to be judged in a negative light just because I may be different than what many people consider the ‘norm’.

This does not give you an excuse I feel to flaunt or take advantage of other person’s “should be feelings” by just thinking I am different so I can act like a complete idiot.  Be responsible.

I see different types of people all the time that have weird quirks about them that some people would judge them on.  My mind just does not work that way.  As long as they are not hurting someone else then honestly I am all for them being different and doing what makes them happy.  I have seen the ramifications of people having to suppress their feelings and desires too much and they end up in depression or worse, a psychiatry ward.  It is unfortunate that people truly do not see the ramifications of judging others for being different.

Next time you feel like judging someone else for being different or having a quirk that maybe you would not partake in.  Think to yourself how would you want to be judged if they looked at you the same way.  Diapers are my “different” and I am proud of it in my life – nobody can take that away from me no matter how judgmental they may be.  They have opened up doors and led me to amazing things – why would I ever regret that?.