So, I wanted to show everyone how I usually do my Bambino Diapers when I am going out for a long night (i.e. Friday or Saturday night with friends). So, last night before I went out with Peter and some of our friends I took a photo of how I usually do my diaper.

Bambino Diaper with Booster

Notice how you can see where I place the booster for ME.  I place it more in the seat of the diaper but for males, at least Peter, he places his booster usually towards the front of the diaper more in order to absorb the urine better.  But, I usually wear a nice booster in the seat of a Bambino Diaper or Molicare or whatever diaper I choose to wear that night and that usually provides me the protection I need for a long time.

In case you were wondering, yes these are the older Bambino Diapers – I have some still laying around – note the blue on the waistband..