So, I get a lot of questions on how exactly I go about putting my diaper on and I see a lot of posts on message boards on the best way to put a diaper on.  So, I am going to tell you what works with me.  This is not to say it is the best for you but it works the best for me.  It also varies by diaper how I do it but mostly remains the same.

For the typical Bambino Diaper that I wear most often – I usually put it on while I am laying down.  It is easier and also gives me the best fit.  So, first I spread out the diaper in front of me making sure every thing is unfolded properly.  Then, I put the powder actually on the diaper before I get down on it so I can see where it all goes and there is no need to actually put the powder on any of my ‘areas’ if I put enough on the actual diaper seat, backing, and front area.  Then, I lay down on it positioning the diaper so that the diaper is higher in the back and comes just below my belly button in the front.

Then, being careful to keep the flaps straight when taping the diaper otherwise it can get that ‘cutting into you feeling’ if you happen to have tight clothes on (i.e. me with my typically tight jeans).  I always tape up the top tabs first so that I can position my legs afterwards to make sure that diaper is correctly aligned on my body before taping up the bottom ones.  You want to allow your legs to be able to move freely and not tape the two lower tabs too low otherwise it can cause discomfort in multiple ways.  So, I tape the two bottom tabs still laying down.  Some people say they stand up to do that but I have never done it that way.

Once the diaper is fully taped up, I stand up and make sure everything looks good.  Sort of wiggle my legs to get the seat of the diaper ‘loose’ and I will typically fold the front of the Bambino Diaper down a bit.  I like that little blue colors in the front of the Bambino’s when you fold it down – I don’t know I think it kind of has a cute and babyish look to it but, that is just me.  So, nothing complicated or extravagant but for those wondering how I put my diapers on – there you go.

The only advice I have is to not tape the tabs too tight otherwise it can cause a lot of discomfort that you necessarily won’t feel immediately but as you move about the day, the tightness will definitely become more prevalent and start cutting into you if its too tight and be very discomforting.  So, make it snug I guess is the keyword here.  A snug diaper is a perfect diaper after all.  And, a little thing I always do if I am not wearing any pants is I like to have the little ‘pouch’ of the seat of the diaper (esp. the Bambino’s do this well) stick out.  I don’t know what it is but its something that I like to do so I will typically maneuver the diaper so as to get that little pouch sticking out between the seat of the diaper and back.  I am sure some of you know what I am referring too…lol sort of hard to describe..