I know everyone is always looking for ways to save money when it comes to their adult diaper “stash”.  If you knew me, you would know I am actually a pretty frugal person and am always looking for ways to stretch my dollar so I am here to show you a few of the ways I save my money when it comes to my adult diapers.  Check them out below:

  1. Order Online: One of the best ways to save on adult diapers and products is to order your products online.  Online you cut out at least one middle man which ends up cutting costs when it comes to buying diapers.
  2. Order Adult Diapers in Bulk: Bulk ordering is the way to go.  You may think your getting a great deal by ordering in packs in store but when you calculate the price per diaper – you are getting ripped off when it compares to ordering in bulk.  Trust me, order by the case!  You save a lot more money by ordering in bulk!
  3. Go With Premium Adult Diapers: I learned the hard way with this.  I used to be the girl buying the cheap ol’ Depends or Attends because they were cheap but I would end up changing my diaper close to 6 times a day sometimes which is outrageous and you end up going through a pack super fast.  Order premium adult diapers with the best absorbency you can get because they will last you longer and make you more money.  (Recommendations: Secure X-Plus, Bambino Diapers, Abena X-Plus, Molicare)
  4. Use Boosters: Looking for a good cheap way to extend your diapers even longer?  Buy some boosters to stuff in your diapers and it will make them last even longer!  You don’t need the super pricey ones if you don’t want.  Any boosters will work because they will add a lot of absorbency.
  5. Don’t Pay Shipping: Don’t pay for shipping!  Shipping costs can be super expensive and add a ton of money to the total cost of the diapers.
  6. Watch Your Changing: Watch how often you change.  Especially, if you buy premium adult diapers – you will be surprised how much those adult diapers would hold so watch changing after just one wetting.  Be frugal with your changes 🙂

Other than those tips – just be frugal and wear when the best times are for you if you are a plewp_e wearer.  These tips may seem obvious for being frugal with adult diapers but trust me a lot of people don’t think about them when ordering their diapers…I know I don’t always.  But, TRUST ME, they can save you tons of money.  If you have any questions – feel free to ask – I will definitely help!.