So i decided I would come to you tonight and expand on this comment by several of my readers, btw thank you very much for you input you really don’t know how much that means to me! Earlier today I addressed the issue of how I deal with messing in my diaper, so you already pretty much know all about that though if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

I just wanted to talk about my days and the things I do to prepare for each and every diapered day 🙂 I ALWAYS carry and extra diaper with me every morning, sometimes two if i have enough room in my bag! I carry a pretty good size thing of wipes that if i do mess or the such I will be able to handle it, a small thing of powder, and a small thing of baby oil!  I always make sure as i mentioned in my last post that if I do mess in my diaper that I go straight to a bathroom and change myself, a bottled of febreeze as I have also said or lysol is always a good thing to have handy so that you can spray to make the area smell a bit better of if you have to change yourself in the car it is not too bad and the odor does not carry you around for most of the day! I make sure that every morning I put my diaper on nice and tight so that it can hold as much as it can before I change myself. I don’t like to use too many diapers so i don’t have to order new ones every week but I do use each diaper to its full potential!

Well thats just a little bit from me..more to come! 🙂.