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  • Summer Lovin’: Tips for Staying Diapered and Cool

    I don't know about you all but it is HOT where I live. I'm not talking about just a little warm I'm talking about scorching, miserably hot! Every year when summer rolls around I am remind why I do not live further south. As much [...]

  • Best Products for Night Time Diapering

    There is no better feeling then going to bed in a nice fresh diaper is there? It's my favorite time of day by far and I just love getting in bed and feeling safe and secure. As many of you know however; at night sometimes [...]

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The Stigma of Wearing Adult Diapers

The stigma of wearing adult diapers I think is twofold, on one aspect I think people who wear diapers over think how much people care about them wearing a diaper; but also there is a stigma that it's taboo or only meant for really old or really young people. So if you happen to fall in between those really old and [...]

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