I don’t know about you all but it is HOT where I live. I’m not talking about just a little warm I’m talking about scorching, miserably hot!

Every year when summer rolls around I am remind why I do not live further south. As much as I love going to the beach from time to time, being diapered in the summer can often be tough.

A diaper can add some heat (and sweatiness) but it is still always enjoyable! I often get questions about how I wear diapers during the summer comfortably and thankfully over the years I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to help!


Wear Breathable Clothing

If you go out in your diaper and jeans it’s going to be hot and sweaty! I find that the best thing to wear (which might not apply to many of the men reading) is light dresses. This allows some breeze to still get in and it’s light and comfortable.

I’m no expert in men’s clothing but trying finding some shorts that are a more breathable fabric them denim. Also, if you buy them a bit bigger than your normal size this will allow a little bit more room for air and help to keep you feeling cooler.


Don’t Forget your Baby Powder

Baby powder is a great tool to keep you dry during the hot summer months! I try to keep a small travel powder in my bag at all times (I find them at Target). I put some on when I first put on my diaper and then sometimes if I need to refresh I can.

Make sure to have some on hand when you are out and need to change too!


Don’t Stay in your Diaper Too Long

During the cooler months I can get away with staying in my diaper a little longer, but during the summer it just adds to to heat and can make things uncomfortable down there. If I need to change my diaper I try not wait too long and often end up changing more than I would normally.

This can help keep you feeling dryer, more comfortable, and avoid chaffing or diaper rash. Trust me when I say neither of those is fun (during any season)!


Air it Out When you Can

When I get home after work or when I’ve been out and about I try to take off my pants when I get home and just hang out in my diaper. Not only does this feel wonderful but it helps to cool me down! I honestly don’t think there is any better feeling at the end of a long hot day!

If you have an opportunity to take air out for a little while – do it! Pants are overrated anyways! 😉


Don’t Put Your Diaper on Too Tight

If you are someone who likes to wear your diaper super tight – loosen up a little (see what I did there!?) The tighter your diaper the more uncomfortable it will get when you begin to sweat. During the summer I try to leave a little extra room when I put on my diaper to allow some air to get in and to make it more comfortable.


Summer can be HOT but don’t make it uncomfortable – use the simple tips above and you’ll be happy, diapered, and enjoying the hot summer months!