Well still not feeling up to the best I could be at this point but better! I have gotten most of the housework that I needed to get done tonight and some of the work i was supposed to get ready for the week! Looks like I am going to spend part of the week playing catch up on most things! Luckily tonight I was able to keep some food down so peter didn’t have to spend quite as long cleaning up after my messy diapers! 🙂

I’m determined to go to work in the morning! Must not get behind! Sometimes I wish that Peter and I could take a really long vacation and just get away and lay around in the sun and the warmth in our diapers 🙂 it feels like forever since we have been able to do that! I don’t even know where we would want to go but gosh I would give anything just to get away with him for a while! 🙂

Well goodnight loves… talk to you tomorrow!.