Haha I love the title of this blog post…honestly, I just came up with it off the top of my head.  For those who don’t know what I mean when I say “Healthy” in quotes I mean bowel movements and wetting your diaper.  This has been an age old question for some people that want to be able to use their diapers in regards to pooping in their diaper.  What do I eat to poop in my diaper?  I have seen this question multiple times.  And, of course you can always do it the “unnatural” way by using laxatives and enemas (gross in my opinion).  I don’t need to use any of that as incontinence takes it presidence over all if you catch my drift.  But, here is what I have gathered from my experience in regards to the best types of foods for ‘me’ that have created “healthy” diapers.  For those of you who are wondering, pooping is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself – get regular!  It not only helps with weight management but also in a way flushes out your body.  But anyways, here are my tips that work for me.

Tips for Pooping in Diapers

  • Water, water, water – I can’t say this enough.  You can eat all the fiber you want and foods you want but water is by far I have found the “stimulant” in my case.  Carry around a Nalgene bottle or some other water bottle with you all day and just drink it slowly.  Trust me, I don’t know the complete science behind it but proper hydration is going to help give you those “bulkier” and “easier to pass” types of defecations.
  • Cereal – for me atleast I have no idea what it is but when I make sure I eat my cereal in the morning before work I can almost always expect a poopy diaper early to mid-afternoon.  Its not always perfect but cereal with skim milk seems to do the trick for me.  Mind you I do eat unhealthy cereal as well and it does the same thing so you may try adding a bowl of cereal to your diet.  Obviously ones with fiber may help a bit more.
  • Fruit – specifically grapes and strawberries have worked wonders for me.  Even though I am incontinent, irregularity still can be a problem.  Even though I can’t necessarily control when I am pooping – I know its important that it happens because irregularity can cause some health risks.  But, if I add some grapes and strawberries to my diet it seems to really add that ‘bulk’ you could say.
  • Pasta for dinner – Another thing I have noticed is when I have a healthy dose of pasta for dinner I can almost always expect to have a filled diaper by morning.  Pasta for some reason with me really helps me poop regularly.
  • AND OF COURSE: McDonald’s cheeseburgers LOL – yeh you can laugh all you want but I swear I don’t know what it is but within several hours for some reason its almost guaranteed I need a poopy diaper change from Peter.  I know not the healthiest food but last resort in my case, LOL.

I am sure some of you may already have known most of this but this is my experience and what has worked descently well for me and I believe regularity is a crucial part of anyone’s diet whether it is trying to lose weight or just stay healthy in general.  But, those are my tips so hopefully they will lead to many full diapers for everyone. 😉.