So, this has been in the works for a little while – just had to figure out exactly how.  I am going to grow this blog even more.  I am going to lay out in some simple terms what my plans are for this blog and how it is going to get better and grow.  First, I have talked with a few people on the matter of what is the best way to go about growing this blog and making it better and the consensus is essentially more interaction and more regular posting, duh! So, what is going to happen is that each day of the week is going to be assigned a certain type of posting day in order to give more structure to my posting and better direction/ideas.  So, for example Monday will be posts in regards to “Work and Diapers” for example and I will focus on certain topics in my life or what not dealing with that subject.  This will include certain photos, pictures, etc sometimes as well.  So, that is the general plan for posting…more details to come.  Second, I plan to offer certain people who are interested the ability to make guest posts on certain days.  If you are interested in doing this please contact me and we can discuss.  This will not only allow my readers to here my opinions and posts but also see other unique perspectives every once and awhile.  Of course these guest posts will still remain on the topic usually for that day and will be in line with the blog/site.  Hopefully, we will have several unique type of people to be able to do this from both guys and girls with hopefully different circumstances.  Third, we will be adding more interaction to the blog in the form of polls, surveys, partnered contests, giveaways, etc.  It has been my long hope to be able to do this and have had discussions with certain people to accomplish this and finally it will come to fruition.  Fourth, there will be more content and hopefully a little better organized as well.  My goal overall is to make this site not only a blog with a unique perspective from myself but also a place that many in the ABDL, incontinent, and beyond world to seek unique information, perspective, etc on different topics dealing with diapers, incontinence, and more.  One thing that will not change is my honesty and candidness.  But, more details to come but finally been able to work a lot of this out and have the time to do so!  So, trust me when I say – great things are coming!.