GoodnightsI tried something new over the weekend and I was wanting to get opinions from others out there who may have tried these as well.   I was at Wal-Mart looking at diapers and I noticed GoodNites, which of course are not meant for adults but instead Kids. Anyways, I picked up the largest size that they had because I had heard others talking about using kids diapers at time, especially at night.  They were size L/XL Mega and they were the Underpants styles not the new ones that look like boxers.  I just wore them to bed because they were still a little tight on me. Guess I have been eating a little too much pizza the past few weeks when getting home from work 🙂 Anyways, I tried them and though I didn’t use them very much they still felt very nice to sleep in! I was wondering if anyone else has tried these or any other kinds that worked for them? I am not particularly big so I figured I could fit in most of the larger sizes of the diapers made normally for kids, I just had never tried them before.

Hopefully you all can shed some insight into this for me 🙂.