Well I can’t say that I am ready for a new week already but I feel much better after having such a great weekend with the love of my life.  I can say nothing is better than laying inside away from the heat with Peter in just our diapers and having just one on one relaxing time. It also helped that all that diaper rash FINALLY cleared up cause that was just plain painful and annoying. Peter is having to check me a lot more frequently  now because I am so scared of it coming back. In fact, tomorrow at work I am taking 3 diapers so that as soon as anything Happens I can go and change because I am afraid of something causing it to come back again. Thank you all for you kind words and suggestions they really did help!

One thing I do have to do tomorrow is start doing some kind of exercise! Peter and I snacked so much this weekend I had to have gained at like 3 or 4 pounds and that is a NO NO! We did have to go out at one point this weekend and buy a new trash can because ours had had so many stinky diapers in it that now it was just nasty and you could smell it even when you had taken the trash out. haha so we got a new one to at least last us for a little while! well off to get ready for bed….Hugs!.