Just a little excited! Can you tell? Haha

Gators beat Vandy today!! After last weeks loss to Georgia I was kinda scared, but am so happy right now! The football game can change my whole day around!

Since the game is over, I’m getting ready to head out into the garden to do some watering and try and plant some new flowers. Saturday’s are always chores day for me but it is so much more fun when you can mow the grass, plant flowers, and clean the house in just a diaper!

I am going to cook some spaghetti for dinner tonight. I don’t feel like going to the grocery store and the only thing left in the house is some pasta and marinara sauce so guess what I’m cooking! I am going to try and get some good sleep tonight after this long week. I was sick for two days really bad so I don’t think my body has really caught up to me yet!

Time for me to go and water the flowers! Have a wonderful Saturday! And GO GATORS!!!