Haha okay it’s the only title I could think of 🙂 I am so not ready for this week to start! I told Peter that we were just going to run away and not work at all! Lol anyways i don’t think that will be happening any time soon! oh yea i forgot to say that we did end up getting those shelves up! I went to walmart and got some cheap baskets so I have a bunch of our diapers organized and our wipes, oil, powder and such! Though I still need more room at least its got the majority of them off the floor and away from our lovely doggies!

We should be getting our new shipment in hopefully by Wednesday of this week which I am really excited about! It’s like Christmas all over again! haha Tonight we are both cuddled up in our diapers in our bed watching a bunch of movies we went out and rented! Nothing like a cheap night in and relaxing getting ready for another long long week! 🙁

I hope everyone has a good and dry sleep 🙂.