Welp im sorry for the slight delay in postings but Peter surprised me and took me up to the mountains this weekend for one night to just relax and get away for a while! It wasn’t anything super fancy but we loved every minute of it and it was great to get away from all the craziness around here!

I am working again to redesign the blog 🙂 and eventually I am going to break this away from IMABDL to make it its own site (don’t worry there is no fee or anything) I just wanted something seperate and on its own. so I am excited about that and it is something for everyone to keep a look out for! but don’t worry I won’t let anyone not know where to go!

I hope everyone enjoyed the first weekend of football! I know I did! It is fun because there is always somethign on TV for me to watch. But in the process of watching football this weekend and going to the mountains Peter and I went through an entire 2 packs of diapers! Yea….it was a messy weekend! 🙂 well off to shower…Hugs!.