I just saw this released via a Press Release by Bambino Diapers!  Here is the Press Release:

BambinoDiapers.com Continues to Perfect Adult Baby Diaper with New Ultra-Plush, Pillow-Soft Microporous Technology

With faster wicking speed and improved absorbency technology, BambinoDiapers.com has further perfected their already well-loved adult baby diaper. The new ultra-plush, pillow soft non-woven material has been added to the Bambino Classico and Bambino Bianco diapers, which are available now from the adult baby diaper retailer.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 30, 2009 — The makers of the hugely popular Bambino Classico and Bambino Bianco diapers have just added another feather to their already full cap with the inclusion of a new non-woven microporous technology and pillow-soft materials in their adult baby diapers. The new high-speed wicking, improved absorbency technology and ultra plush materials are the latest innovations by the diaper retailer that are aligned with the company’s mission of creating the best adult baby products.

BambinoDiapers added a new layer of microporous non-woven material to the inside of the diaper that improves wicking speed by up to 20 percent and keeps the user dry and feeling comfortable. The non-woven material features a pillow-soft, ultra plush cover that comforts the skin.

Giovanni Panno, Director of Marketing for BambinoDiapers.com parent company The Bottom Half Group, mentions that “adult babies have even more reason to be happy with Bambino – our new microporous technology adds comfort, absorbency and improved functionality to our already amazing product line.” Panno also noted that the improvements to the Bambino Diapers product line are the first steps in a line of exciting new products for 2009.

Currently the new non-woven material is available on all purchases of Medium and Large Bambino Classico and Bambino Bianco Diapers from the adult baby diaper products retailer.

For more information on the new adult baby diaper technology being used by Bambino Diapers, please see www.BambinoDiapers.com