Well I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying my Saturday! We spent last night just hanging out, Peter took me out to dinner but we ended up coming back afterwards! Some friends came over and brought their game “Rock Band” which I had never played but got so addicted too! Haha I was up wayyy too late and should have gotten more sleep if it weren’t for that darn game! But all in all it was a fun night!  Peter had about 3 diapers to change on me that night because I kept drinking some much and dinner didn’t agree with me all that well a couple hours after! 🙂

Today we are just taking it easy again, thinking about going out to a park some where here soon so that we can get some exercise but neither of us feel like doing anything to strenuous! I hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far and taking it easy like we are! sometimes the best thing to do on Saturday’s is just relax and enjoy the weekend and take away some of the stress that the week has caused!

More later loves…Hugs!!.