Okay so that’s probably a pretty negative title and I shouldn’t think like that but today was just so frustrating! No one seems to listen to me and at some point that just gets to be enough! Well at least today it was… I guess not everyday is that bad! I was just so busy and everyone wanted something from me that I didn’t even have time to change my own diaper and ended up leaking on my pants! luckily they were black so you couldn’t tell but it has been a crazy crazy day!

I hope everyone else is having a good day though! It’s Wednesday! Which means that it is halfway through the week 🙂 yay!!!! That is always something positive to think about! I think Peter and I are going to walmart today and just by some not-as-good diapers so that we don’t use our really nice diapers when we are working out or things like that, we would rather save them for a time when we won’t have to change for a while!

Alright well im heading downstairs to veg for a while!