Well lets just say this morning didn’t start out quite like I would have wanted! To start… I had a flat tire this mroning which I did not notice until several miles down the road so I was stranded 🙁 Something you will learn about me is that I get very sick and scared when I am in high stress situations – I called Peter and he came out to help me but by that time I already had a very messy diaper from the nerves! My stomach was all torn apart! It was another hour and a half before the tow truck could come and tow my car and I didn’t even end up getting to work until sometime after lunch! When I got there I THEN Remembered that the stash of diapers that I had kept in my filing cabinet for “emergencies” was no longer there. I had run out several weeks ago and had never gone and refilled it – I am such a procrastinator!!!! Peter being the sweetheart that he is came out with an extra diaper that he keeps in his car for situations such as this and changed me in the bathroom before heading back to work 🙂 I don’t know how he takes care of me the way he does – but he is PERFECT!!! 🙂 But yea.. I just got home from work and NOW i need to find something to make or do that will thank peter for all that he did for me today! He is amazing! hehe

Off to the kitchen…Hugs!.