Welp I think i finally finished all the cleaning 🙂 or at least as much as Peter would let me do on this beautiful Sunday! Peter says that we need to do something more productive and enjoy the day before the week comes again! I guess sometimes he definietly is the more realistic one 🙂 He always is amazing to me! I did though Finally empty all of our trash cans because have so many diapers piled up sometimes it just starts to smell up the entire house 🙂 haha

We had plans this weekend for a bunch of our friends to come up that we knew from Texas, but things changed and we had to end up for most of the weekend being with my family which was kinda different because we really don’t see them that much but I Guess that was okay! but it did kind of take our weekend away since almost all Friday and Saturday was spent with them!  well I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

More later.. 🙂.