Well everyone it is finally the weekend.  I know I am happy.  I am sure a lot of you are glad to be off of work and just lounging around relaxing.  I think I might go into town with some of my girlfriends and do some shopping at the mall.  I need a new cute bra so I think I might do that.  Maybe I will even model it with a diaper 😉 Hehe…I am determined to also find another girl around me that wears diapers.  There is bound to be atleast one I would think.  There are a good number of us so I would think there would be some near me but you never know I guess.

Well I hope everyone has a terrific weekend and keep up with my posts.  I most likely will post a sample up of a photo with my new bra if I get one and my diaper so stay tuned definitely.  Enjoy your weekends and time off!