I got back from exercising today and doing a little bit of yoga so by the time I got home I was absolutely starving.  I headed straight for the kitchen and started making dinner…Peter took this photo of me in my yoga shorts cooking dinner.  Don’t mind my huge thighs – working on that!

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Anyways, I will tell you what – wearing diapers during yoga sure does help with a lot of the moves because it provides a little bit of a cushion when you forget your yoga mat like I do half the time.  Plus, yoga is relaxing at the same time its still considered exercise so diapers help me relax I will say so its like an added bonus when doing yoga.  As you can tell, the diaper is quite noticeable in this case because its a Bambino Diaper but usually I wear a little thinner diaper for yoga but I forgot to stick a thinner one in my gym bag so all I had was a Bambino.  You get a few more stares with a thick diaper but I would say I am pretty use to it and most people really don’t care.  Every once in awhile you get a question or two on what exactly is going on but you just explain the situation and I have actually had people say “Thats Awesome!!!” but I have also had people just be like “Oh, ok” so I mean it varies.  Most importantly, when it comes to diapers you just have to be comfortable with yourself and confident.  The more you give off that it is abnormal the more abnormal people are going to think of you as.

Back to cooking – so, most people don’t know this about me but I am a good cook.  Peter absolutely loves when I cook for him.  He was so hungry when I got back he didn’t even let me change my soaking wet diaper (hence the sag in the diaper a bit in the photo).  So, I started right off making some pasta with mushrooms and scallops in it.  It ended up not being the best in my opinion but he said he liked it which I guess is all that matters.  Then, again he usually has a beer with his meal so alcohol makes a lot of things taste better I guess..