I have decided to add another thing to my favorite things to do in diapers which I have already talked about before..EXERCISING in diapers!! I am not a big runner or walker, even though I do both of those at times, but I do really enjoy to bike long distances because it helps me to enjoy nature and to get some exercise and burn those calories at the same time 😀 haha But I really enjoy it because not only does it add more padding to your bottom on the hard seat but it is just so comfortable and you don’t have to ever worry about a thing! When I get back from biking I always do squats and sit ups in my front yard and that just feels so nice to have the wind blowing over my diaper! I just thought I would share with you all even though I think I have posted about this in the past (sometimes it is hard to remember everything)

Well back to work! More later….