I got several requests about our evening out last night so I guess I should share some details even though for the most part it was a pretty quiet and uneventful evening! We went out and shopped around at a bunch of places which you already know from my earlier post. Anyways we went out to get some dinner. Surprisingly for us we only had to make one real diaper change and that was because Peter’s dinner didn’t agree with him all the way. We couldn’t find a family changing room so we had to use the back seat of my SUV which actually worked out just fine 🙂

Other than that it was a pretty eventful night! We really are going to start making it a part of our weekly activities to make sure that we do something like that at least once during the week cause i can’t even begin to describe how awesome that was and how much fun we had! Alrighty well off to bed for me! Finally going to get some sleep for once 🙂