One of the best experiences an adult baby can have is having their diaper checked in my opinion. There is something very “babyish” about the famous diaper check. It is one of the ultimate signs of dependence that someone else has to check your diaper to see whether it is wet or messy.

Peter always enjoyed the aspect of me checking his diaper. Me, I like it but not like he does. He tried to explain why he liked it and had a hard time putting it into words. I had the same problem so I figured maybe if I tried typing it out the words would come to me and I would be able to better explain the enjoyment in having your diaper checked by another.

Checking Adult Diaper

Checking Peter’s Diaper

Adult babies and diaper lovers are always in my opinion looking for that next thing or that special thing that will take them back to babyhood. For some, that is a babyish print on an adult diaper or crawling around in a thick diaper. Some people enjoy sucking on a pacifier or bottle while others it does nothing for. It is whatever your brain is wired to do in regards to feeling that babyish feeling. For others, including myself and Peter – it is having your diaper checked. Peter always loved when I would come up behind him and pull back his diaper and check him. It brought out the babyish side in him. Which if you knew Peter, you would know that its hard to bring the babyish aspect out in him but checking his diaper will do it.

My other guess why having your diaper checked is so attractive is because it brings on feelings of dependence. Dependence is usually a comforting feeling in general and basically using your diaper for what it is supposed to be used for and then having someone check you puts you in a very dependent mode. I believe that for many people that feeling of comfort and dependence is a huge part of why having your diaper checked feels so good. It is calming and relaxing to many people.

Maybe I didn’t do the best job of explaining it but I am sure others can relate to the difficulty and probably do a better job of explaining why they enjoy having their diaper checked. If you don’t mind explaining I would love to hear people’s experience with this.