I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas time – I have been super busy.  Lots going on including some sad news of losing a family member recently but I have been trying to keep an upbeat attitude from here on out.  I was definitely in a mild depression for a few days but I am a big believer in we only have one life to live so try to not waste a day and pull yourself out of whatever rut you are in and move on.  So, I have been slowly moving on and trying to manage to get my life a little more organized.  Christmas was pretty mellow for the most part for us and we exchanged a few gifts.  I got the typical work clothes, a few movies, gift cards and money…I know nothing too exciting.  I really want a MAC laptop so I am debating on whether to buy one of those…pricey that is for sure.

I decided to take some pictures and figured I would quickly post one!  Rockin the Victoria Secret baggy sweatpants – you girls out there know how comfy these things are!  I practically live in these when I am at home.  Check it out:

I got on my Teddy Bambinos – which I usually like to wear around the house and the Classico’s or Bianco’s out.  I don’t know – no real reason for it – just picky I guess.  I am trying to get better at posting photos – I have a lot of them I guess I just find it cumbersome to post photos on wordpress – its not very easy for me, maybe just because I am not that great with being efficient with wordpress.  I swear there has to be an easier way and quicker way to add photos to wordpress.  I feel like uploading the photo via the uploader then messing with the settings and inserting into post, adjusting position, etc. just takes a lot of time.  I am a “drag and drop” type girl that just likes to be able to drag and drop and place a photo where I want it and not really deal with the coding aspect of it.  Over the years though it has allowed me to learn a bit of HTML and CSS which is nice to know that I will admit.

I have been watching Bambino’s Facebook page and they are hinting at big things coming from them in the New Year – so definitely looking forward to what that brings.  I personally like their new diaper, The Bellissimo, it fits me really well and I notice a difference with the absorbency.  I would love to see them just come out with a specialty diaper that is just plain thick – it seems to be what a lot of ABDLs want but I understand the dynamics behind making these adult diapers so I can see where the challenges are with that.

What did everyone get for Christmas…I guarantee you a lot of you start listing Apple products 🙂 Lucky!