Every once in a while something comes along that makes me glad of spaces like Adrian’s webpage all over again.

A friend snapped a picture of this Chicago billboard on her morning commute. It’s pretty much the worst attitude toward incontinence and adult diapers you could find:


The doctor who paid for the board is, of course, someone who makes money doing surgeries to “cure” urinary incontinence — with a pretty uncertain success rate, lots of nasty potential side-effects, and a big ol’ hefty fee for every one he performs.

So it’s not just shaming out of spite. It’s shaming out ofย greed.

This sort of thing makes me furious. And it makes me even more grateful for the opposing voices (like Adrian’s, and those of the other guest bloggers here, and those of our many commenters).

There is never any reason to listen to someone who wants to shame you. At best they’re assholes; at worst they’re actively trying to manipulate you for their own profit.

To hell with guys like this doctor. Diapers are for anyone who needs them — or who wants them, for that matter.

Ladies included.