Haha okay so that was a really corny title but I though it was cute 🙂 I’m about to straighten up a little, change Peter, and then jump in the bed and sleep like I have never slept before! I cannot even begin to describe how tired I am tonight! I am really excited though because I got about 200 boosters in late this evening and I am really excited to try them out this weekend! I think they should definitely help me not to leak as much and be able to go even longer without a change! i wonder if it would do even better if i doubled AND put a booster in the bottom diaper! hmmmm may just have to try that out as well 🙂

We are expecting more diapers here in the next few days so I will have to keep you posted as to how they all work out! I hope everyone has a good sleep and a great Friday morning 😀