Well Peter got home safely I am happy to report! He did get caught in some traffic from people driving slow in the rain but now we are back together and about to snuggle up in bed! It is still raining and thundering which is awesome because I love that more than anything when you are going to sleep and you get to listen to that! Hopefully our dogs will stay calm because sometimes they get nervous with thunder and tear things up, last time we had to throw away about 20 diapers because they got a hold of them when there a storm! That was sure a mess to clean up with all of the padding everywhere!

Anyways, i hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! i am really excited! peter and I are actually going out of town and spending some time with his parents who we have not seen in a long time! i will try to keep you posted on our trip but its just for the weekend and we will be back on Sunday! Im bringing my laptop with so have no fear you will still hear from me! 🙂 well goodnight babies…Hugs!.