I spend a lot of time on different forums and talking to many different diaper lovers and the main topic is that people are scared to tell their girlfriend/boyfriend or whoever is close to them about their love of diapers! I know this is a very hard subject and it is very hard for many people to talk about but I really don’t think anyone should be scared! If diapers are as big of a part of your life as they are of mine your life would not be complete without that person knowing and accepting you. If they love you and the truly love you then they will accept it!

One of the BIGGEST mistakes that I keep seeing people make is that they want to wait until they are married or later to tell their significant other! NO! A relationship is built on trust and understanding without that there is no relationship if you wait and tell this person until you are married or later down the road there is this HUGE time slot where they will realize that you were not honest and it will destroy the trust.

On a happy note, don’t be scared! Love who you are and it will come! And if you ever have anything you would like to talk about or any questions just send me a message and let me know!

Will be back soon 🙂.