I know this may sound kinda weird at first but I was thinking about it and I believe that diapers are the best stress reliever!! When I was going to school at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!!!) hehe I was always under a lot of stress because typically that’s just how I am. I always worry about things wayyyy too much and end up stressing myself out more than I should be! When I started wearing diapers full time it was like a complete turn around! Just the feeling of being in a diaper made me feel like no matter how much pressure I was under I could do ANYTHING!! There is a tremendous release for me to just wear my diaper and know that I am protected and I honestly feel like everything will be fine! I know not everyone may experience this but I have to say it is one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt!

This probably goes along with my post about feeling comfortable and accepting who you are! It wasn’t until I gained to confidence to be who I am that I was able to truly feel this release, but I promise if you do it will be amazing! Diapers are the most amazing thing in the world and they have gotten me through so many times it is not even funny! I just want everyone to be able to feel the joy and release that diapers have given me! 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!.