So, recently we just bought some new furniture for our place – you know the kind of stuff to hopefully make your place feel a little cleaner and more “homey”.  We have a lot of hand me down type of furniture that is sort of a hodge podge of stuff that does not really match so we needed new furniture bad.  So, we bought a new bed, some storage type stuff and a bunch of random other things.  Now, we are trying to find the best way to organize everything with it all looking clean and modern looking.  We like a semi-modern look.

The problem is now we are having trouble organizing all our diapers with the new furniture to try and make it look sleek while still fitting all of them into a certain place.  We are trying to avoid having to shove all our diapers into a box or closet.  We like them out and easily accessible and they look clean when they are folded up but we are just having issues I guess trying to fit them all in.  I am usually pretty good at organizing things but we have a lot of diapers as you can imagine and we are just trying to think of the cleanest and best way to organize all the stuff while still keeping it all looking nice.

As you know clutter and being unorganized annoys me so this is a pretty big deal to me.  If anyone out there has any suggestions on maybe what you have done to organize your diapers or the type of furniture/organizational piece you are using to put your diapers in something to keep everything look put together – I would greatly APPRECIATE any help in this matter.  Where we live the furniture selection and what not is limited so if its something you know of online, Amazon, etc. that would be awesome.

I swear I am getting back into posting more and I am going to make a big post on the thing that has been keeping me away from my posting duties and hopefully it will allow some people to understand why my posting decreased for a period of time.  Hope everyone has a great weekend..