You know what I was wondering…with all the professional athletes out there both in the USA and around the world – based on statistics atleast one if not more would either have incontinence or wear diapers.  It is possible to wear diapers in certain sports I would imagine, probably sports like either soccer, field hockey, football, dancing, etc.  I am sure there are tons of other professional sports where its possible.  But you gotta think of all the professional sports players out there and the statistics on incontinence and people who wear diapers.

Even sports like volleyball, if the diaper was thin enough I guarantee you its possible.  If you know of any professional athletes that have worn or wear diapers I would surely be interested in knowing as well as I am sure others would like to know.  I am sure its not like a really public thing but I would bet that between all the countries that atleast one of them must wear diapers.  Just a thought 🙂.