Since I am sitting at work right now I figured I would blog about what it’s like wearing a diaper at work while I am actually doing it. Well, I must say it’s very comforting when you first get into work and know that you have a nice fresh diaper on that will protect you the rest of the day. Plus, it provides a little bit of a cushion for those people like me that are sitting a significant portion of the day. Also, I will say I am the type of person that sort of likes to hear that crinkle sound of the diaper when you get up or walking down the hall. I find it is loud enough for me to hear but not loud enough for really others to take notice.

For those of you scared to wear to work – I would say it’s almost impossible to be caught unless you try. Now, I am sure this depends on your profession but tucking in your shirt and typical work pants or jeans are typically good enough at concealing the diaper and most of the noise while allowing you to get the satisfaction of wearing a diaper to work. If you have any questions about wearing a diaper to work then feel free to ask.

Wearing a diaper to work in my opinion almost increases productivity because it just makes you feel good and when you are comforted and feel good then I find I do my work quicker and more efficient. Not to mention the fact it saves you trips to the restroom especiall if it is not conveniently available to you (I.e right across the hall). Just my two cents though – thoughts? .