Diapers for me are a part of life.  I am incontinent and have grown up my whole life wearing diapers.  From just a baby I have never known anything different.  So, when people asks me what its like to wear diapers its honestly a very loaded answer and complicated.  On one hand its “second-nature” wearing diapers for me because I have worn them so long.  On the other hand though its the biggest comfort and enjoyment in the world because it absolutely makes me feel safe, protected, and just takes the worries away in my life.  I have included a photo in this post as a segway into my next paragraph.

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I liked the black and white photo look – I think it makes my poor photography taking look professional.  Anyways, I wanted to make a small post on something that has been on my mind.  Wearing diapers for me is what defines me in so many ways that I can not honestly describe them all.  Here is the thing that I don’t understand, a diaper is a diaper…nothing more and nothing less.  Once you realize that a diaper is merely just a diaper and people do not care as much as you think they do that you are wearing one then you will become a bit more comfortable with yourself.  It took me awhile to get over my ‘fear’ of other people finding out I wear diapers because I had to do it quickly.

In high school was when I truly had to learn to get over what others thought of me wearing diapers.  Gym class freshman year was wear it began.  Of course I had to change into the assigned gym clothes that we were assigned for gym class every Tuesday and Thursday (that was our gym schedule in high school).  So, at first I tried being the last one out of the locker room so no one would find out but I ended up always being late to get into the gym which being the good student I am, I hated that.  So, I tried to do it discreetly as possible.  I got by without anyone noticing for about a week and then well it happened…I still remember her name too.  Laura Conrad, yeh I said her full name because I remember it so well and honestly I should thank her because it started me on a realization of becoming more comfortable with myself and diapers.  I was taking off this Abercrombie skirt I had been wearing that day and I had left my long t-shirt on first to try and cover it up mainly before anyone could see.  But, Laura saw it and completely blurted out “Is that really a diaper?” – she was unsure of course because probably surprised…and well that did it.  My Attends (at the time the ones with the nice blue tapes and thicker) were discovered.  Everyone of course started staring and I basically ended up admitting in a very emberrassed way that it was a medical issue and you could tell some girls felt bad and didn’t care but of course there were those select few.  Lets just say I was the talk of the high school that day.  Now, nobody truly teased me for it because of the medical condition aspect of it but the stares from people were enough.  But, this taught me how to ignore what people though and truly realize that deep down most people, once you get past the “being cool” stage, really don’t care about something like diapers.  As long as you are not flaunting them everywhere then its really not that big of a deal because eventually the talk dies down and it all passes unless of course you give it a reason to stay around.

Once you get past the initial shock of people finding out about your diapers and realizing there really isn’t a way to talk your way out of it – your learn to cope and adapt.  That is exactly what I did and I have been appreciative ever since.  It causes less stress, less worry, and a lot more openness that didn’t exist before.  You find out your true friends and that is very important.  So, my advice – don’t flaunt your diapers like some neurotic crazy person but a quick flash from bending over or changing clothes in a locker room, you should learn to be OK with it and move on and not care what the person next to you thinks so much.  After all, you most likely will never see them again in your life or perhaps they may find it interesting and may make a new friend, I know that happened with me a few times..