time-out-new-york-new-year-1999Better late than never, right? This will be my second year guest-blogging on Adrian’s wonderful website (the anniversary is coming up in April or May some time, I think), so a few resolutions geared toward improving the content seemed appropriate! And, of course, as with all posts here, there’s a bit of a diaper theme…

1. Keep Providing Weekly Posts

Some weeks I’m better at this than others. But for the most part I manage to get Adrian something useable every week, and that’ll hopefully continue in the new year. Everyone wants this to be a busy site with regularly-updating content, right? Right!

2. Test & Review More Products

I know people come here for  useful information as well as opinion/entertainment content, so this year I’m going to try to put out more product reviews for Adrian’s site. Diapers are at the head of that list, but hopefully we’ll be able to take a look at some other products as well, including powders and creams, boosters/soakers (cloth and disposable), AB/Little toys, and more.

And of course, that means also resolving to do more outreach to suppliers and at-home testing…not that I’m complaining!

3. Promote Other Diaper-Related Websites and Products

There’s a lot of good stuff out there on the internet, and people are launching new ventures every day. Whenever possible, I’d love to highlight the best ones for our audience here, whether it’s message boards, medical literature, ABDL stores, or even independent erotica producers (not large commercial sites).

Our readers can actually be a big help with that last one — do you know of a diaper-related venture that deserves a spotlight? Write in or leave a comment and let us know, and we can see about featuring the good ones.