So, we finally got some snow in North Carolina.  We never get snow in the central part of North Carolina, it can be so frustrating.  I love snow so we went and built a snow man and took a walk.  It was fun.  It was nice because we both love just being outside so being outside in the snow was definitely a plus.  Also, wearing a diaper in the snow keeps you way warmer as well.  We both had on a Bambino Classico while we were bundled up in the snow, so we were super warm.

I am sure for those people up in the northern part of the United States snow is like an everyday thing but for us Southerners (hehe) its like heaven.  It shuts everything down, and we just like to stare at it.  Its great!  I gotta admit there is something about wearing a nice thick diaper and then sitting down in the snow.  It feels so padded, its great.  You feel so secure and protected.  I guess you go back to that feeling of being a kid again because of the days you would get off from school when it snowed and you would just go play around in the snow with your friends.  It brings back memories of being younger plus also wearing a nice thick diaper just adds to that great feeling of being a kid, which we all love going back to some time.

Anyways, after awhile of playing in the snow we came in and had some hot chocolate and watched some sports and movies.  Pretty laid back weekend overall, but a very enjoyable one.  Anyone else in the snow hits areas do anything fun in diapers over the weekend?.