I have been thinking a lot lately about why it is so hard for some Americans to understand people who wear diapers. I mean is it really hurting anyone? In Europe everyone to me just seems so much more accepting and understanding than in the United States, but I can’t imagine why. Again, I don’t live in Europe so I could be wrong but from what I have heard this just doesn’t make sense to me.  America is the “land of opportunity” where “Freedom” is preached every single day, yet the adult baby and diaper community in general is always getting such a bad wrap. I can’t understand how a country with so much diversity could be so unaccepting at times, and I am sure that this goes much beyond just the acceptance of adults who wear diapers.

I read an article recently where it was talking about how people in China are buying diapers because the train rides are so long. The thing is the article was titled, “Weird World: Adult Diaper Sales Soar in China.” Why does it have to be looked at as weird?? Okay, maybe I am going a little overboard but it is just something that really bothers me some times and doesn’t make sense how people in such a great country can be so closed minded.

Anyways… enough of my ranting now. But for all of those adult babies and diaper lovers out there! Don’t be afraid!! You’re not weird at all and I hope that one day America and other countries can be accepting and not question or look down upon everything that is different from the “norm.” Because in my mind I am the “norm” and I don’t care what anyone else wants to say.

Live Free and Diapered! 🙂

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