I am posing a question to the community in a “just wondering” type fashion.  Being incontinent I am more concerned about absorbancy per-se than thickness of the diaper.  But, that is not to say I want a paper-thin diaper.  I personally would rather a thicker diaper but not ridiculously thick.  But, what if there was a “Diaper A” that felt thicker but absorbed less than “Diaper B” which was a little bit thinner but absorbed more.  Now, I know answers will vary greatly on this topic but I just was curious what people thought.

My thoughts are that while I do like thickness a great deal, personally I would rather absorbancy because I am incontinent and not leaking is my primary goal.  While, I do have a AB/DL side and that is what drives that wanting thickness feeling – my personal preference is absorbancy.  Now, I am sure there are many “what ifs” to this question that can pose issues and there are infinite variables but I guess I am just trying to simplify it.

I love the feeling of a thick diaper between my legs and protecting my bottom but I don’t like it so thick that it makes me waddle.  I am sure many people feel the same way in regards to this.  I still like feeling like a sexy girl and not Donald Duck waddling everywhere.

But, I pose this question to some of you – would you sacrifice a bit of thickness for better absorbancy?.